Details of the uniform for each section, and the location of badges may be found on the Beaver, Cub and Scout pages.

Your child will need the relevant Scout Section top:

Beavers            Turquoise sweatshirt and Group neckerchief

Cub Scouts      Dark green sweatshirt and Group neckerchief

Scouts             Teal green smart shirt, Scout belt and Group neckerchief


Uniform on Section Nights

At all section night meetings we would normally expect your child to wear the correct uniform top including the neckerchief and woggle with dark trousers/shorts or jeans.

Full Uniform

For events where ‘full uniform’ is required (Church parades, St Georges Day, Remembrance Sunday etc) dark navy trousers (NOT JEANS) should be worn. The Scout Association produce dark blue uniform ‘activity’ trousers.  Navy blue coloured Regatta walking trousers are the same. These activity / walking trousers or dark grey / black ‘school’ type trousers / skirt would be more than adequate.

However, for some specific activities a mixture of part uniform and part activity-wear may be more suitable. Guidance on the expected uniform for each activity will be provided with details of the proposed event or activity.

Where to obtain the uniform

Many School Outfitters sell Scout uniform.  The uniform is also available in the schoolwear department of John Lewis.  Alternatively the uniform may be ordered online from the Scout Association Shop (www.shop.scouts.org.uk).

The Group neckerchief (navy blue with the Group stag emblem), membership and District/County badges and woggles are presented by the Section Leader when your child is invested into their Section. If your child loses his or her neckerchief/woggle we do make a small charge of £3 to replace the neckerchief, 50 p for a plastic woggle and £1 for a leather woggle.

1st Richmond T-shirts and sweatshirts are available and can be purchased from Section Leaders. Although not part of the official uniform, they are particularly useful when camping.

Lost items

Please make sure EVERY uniform item, including neckerchiefs, are properly marked with your child’s name. Leaders cannot help you with lost items unless they are properly named. If items of uniform are lost, it is the responsibility of parents to replace it.