The Group Executive Committee

The team behind the scenes that make our Group what it is today, our Executive Committee are the backbone of the group. The committee is made up of leaders, helpers and parents who all have one common goal, ensuring your child gets the best out of their Scouting experience!

The Group Executive Committee is the business management body of the Scout Group.  Every Scout Group is a separate educational charity and the Group Executive Committee must ensure that the funds, property and equipment of the Group and its separate Training Sections are properly managed.  It also ensures that legal requirements, such as the appointment of trustees are dealt with properly.

The Committee’s responsibilities also include maintaining the Group Headquarters, offering financial support to Leaders attending training courses, and ensuring that the Group minibus is serviced, taxed and insured

The members of the Committee are nominated and agreed at our Annual General meeting, which normally takes place at the beginning of July each year, and to which all parents and Scout members are invited.

Parent volunteers are an integral part of the Committee and we try to make sure that we have at least one parent representative from each Section of the Group. The Committee normally meets about five times a year usually on a Monday night at 7:15pm. If you would like to join the Committee please get in touch using the Contact Us pages.