Moving on

Moving on is the term we use when your child nears the maximum age for their section-the gradual transition from Beaver to Cub to Scout. When your child nears the end of their time in their current section, their Leader will speak to you about the process of moving on to the next one. During the course of the year we try to run a number of linking activities between the different sections so that your child will have some idea of how their next section will be.

So that we can reduce our waiting lists as much as possible, I would ask that all parents try to fulfil the Leaders instructions about moving on. Generally, once youngsters reach the end of their ‘core age’ (8 for Beavers, 10½ for Cubs ) they should move up to the next section. There are instances where youngsters only wish to move on with their friends and we cannot always accommodate this—after all, one of the great ideas behind Scouting is to make new friends!

Leaders will also give you a clear idea about which section night a moving-on youngster will join. Please be understanding about this—in many instances we think it is preferable that a group moving on who are at a single school, should in fact be mixed in with others from different schools.