Trips, Activities and Camps

Trips and activities are organised to supplement the section night meetings and to ensure that everyone has the best opportunity to try new things.  Invitations to take part in events such as sleepovers or camps will normally be sent out by email using the My.SCOUT system. This will give parents a simple yes/no choice for their child to attend the event and allow you to make a payment if required. Please be aware that some events have limited numbers and you should respond as soon as possible if you want to be certain that your child can take part.

When organising trips or activities we normally have to impose a cut off date for responses.  This is generally due to purchasing tickets, completing all of the necessary risk assessments and making arrangements with the “home contact” for the event.

These cut off dates will be strictly adhered to.  Consequently if your child is accepted on a trip or activity, and subsequently they are unable to attend please let us know as soon as possible.

Parents should note that if you need to cancel your son or daughter attending within 48 hours of an event the cost will not be refunded since we will have already purchased all the food or the other items needed for activities.

Permission forms and details of camps will always specify a collection time for picking up your son or daughter. Parents are requested not to arrive to collect their children prior to the time stated. The reason for this is that we need all the youngsters to be involved in taking down tents and packing the equipment into our vehicles-it is simply not fair for this to be left to a small group of youngsters and leaders. Of course if you do arrive early we would always welcome your help in striking camp!